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start to the morning. >> chuck bell is in the weather center with a look at the day ahead, and we're looking for a great one. >> i think you will be very happy. plenty of blue out there visible to the eye, but there are clouds starting to move in and as we go through the rest of the day, the clouds will have a tendency to thicken. current temperatures in the upper 60s to low and mid-50s. sprinkles in central and west value should try up as they come over the county mains it it will be a middle one, temperatures once again in the mid to upper 70s for today. rain drops are not so far away. we'll be talking about that and the rest of the workweek
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forecast. >> more breaking news now out of afghanistan, just a few hours ago, a nato air strike killed eight women and injured seven others, nato was targeting a group of insurgents, they said there was no civilian depths, and nato offered their con doll lances. four nato soldiers were killed in what appears to be another insider attack. they told the nbc 4 news it was americans. they were trying to stop an attack on a police check point. >> this morning, the state department has issued travel warnings for americans abroad. americans in tunisia, sudan, and yemen are being told to leave those countries because of the on going riots and protests. they have identified least 50 suspects in the deadly attack.
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he told nbc news that foreigners were involved and helped plan the attack that killed four americans including the ambassador to libya. >> i have no doubt. >> it's a preplanned attack. >> libya's president say police have arrested four people. >> violent protests are not defined to the middle east and africa. this is video from sydney where hundreds of people storms the u.s. consulate there. eight people are under arrest. as for the filmmaker behind the movie that is believed to have sparked all of the violence is now in hiding. . he was interviewed earlier yesterday morning. they dropped him off at a undisclosed location and say they don't know where he is now.
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>> though these incidents are overseas, they're likely to have an affect on the race for the white house, david greg ri joined us earlier and say that foreign policy is fair game for mitt romney. >> there is a debate about what president obama's policies after the arab spring was apparent. what's that's created, should the united states do more. >> the on going protests and riots will be a focus today. they will talk to david about the incidents, and susan rice, american's ambassador to the u.n. we'll discuss the united states role. you can catch that all on "meet the press." the gop candidates are trying to refocus on domestic issues and other issues. paul ryan hammered the president
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saying his economic policies failed the country. he said that the president has put america on the road to financial re union. >> the federal reserve is coming out with a new bailout. this matters, so the federal reserve is basically saying that we don't have a recovery, obamanomics did not work. >> they are facing a uphill battle. a wall street journal poll shows the president obama five points ahead of them. this morning, sand lism near a mosque is not a hate crime but a random crime spree. about 30 dcars were hit. >> there is no evidence to believe that this is a hate crime or specifically targeting
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one religious group. >> it is just a hateful account, even if it's not a hate crime. >> and members of the community from different faiths gathered last night to support the mosque. closer to home, vandals targeted the islamic center in shenandoah valley. the council on american islamic relaces is calling it a possible hate kram. they want the fbi to investigate. a man died after a car hit him in prince georges country. police shut down the road during the investigation but it has since reopened. the victim was taken to the hospital, which is where he died from his injuries. the driver involved stays on the scene. >> as they county to serve for expects, the community came together to try to prevent
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future attacks against women. they held a sesm defense presentation at charles flowers yesterday. amber was shot in her home late last night. stanley's father said everyone needs to learn to defend themselves in case of an attack. >> a lot of people feel like this would never happen to them, and that's how i felt. this would never happen to me or my family, but it did. >> the money collected is going to the stanley family. >> and the time rightow n is 9:06, ahead, the discovery on 9:06, ahead, the discovery on this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
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this morning, hundreds and thousands of people turns out to see people celebrate for the open air mass. in his address, the pope called for peace and reconciliation between christians and muslims in the middle east. he is on a three-day visit in lebanon. >> a warning now for older women. women who are post menopause and have type two diabetes are 27 account more likely to have breast cancer. they suggest working out and avoiding alcohol. >> apple fans can't wait to get their hands on the new iphone. people are already setting up
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camp outside of a store in new york city. some $10 million new iphones will be sold this week alone. all of the revenue could had after a percent to the nations growth. there is a new program that pairs people who used to live on the streets with shelter dogs. more people turned in dogs they couldn't afford when the economic downturn started. animals needed a home or they would be put down. foster owners say the program has changed their life. >> he loves to play. >> one of the women that we talked to said that she knows what it's like to be on the streets and without a home, and that's how it changed her life. and this program is a program
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that foster owners attend classes and they get a small stipend. >> the time right now is 9:11, and it's a good day for outdoor plans. and the
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new developments in the princess katherine pho phophot photo scandal. this is a day after the irish owner says he will shut down his paper. the royal family is suing the
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french magazine "closer" for originally publishing those photos. agents areaed adel daoud for trying to set off a car bomb at a bar in downtown chicago. the fbi started monitoring him after he wrote online about killing americans, prosecutors charged him with terror related charges. if approved, chicago's 350,000 school students could be back in the classroom as early as tomorrow. delegates could ask for a 24 hour review. late last night, union represents agreed to the language in the contract. they worked out the major sticking points that included job security, pay, and teacher
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evaluations. so if you felt a rumble in eastern maryland, this was not your imagination. a 2.2 quake struck yesterday. there were no reports of damages or injuries. >> tomorrow morning, endeavor will be on it's way to the west coast. it will be strapped to a 747 and leave for los angeles. it will go on display esm, but it was retired last year. it will make stops in texas before landing at los angeles internatigtional airport on thursday. >> the rover found small iron rich objects that researchers are calling blueberries. this cluster is more dense and
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seems to have a different composition than past blueberries. they're very, very cool, very crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. >> ewe not supposed to eat them are you 1992. >> no, they're just talking about the composition of them. >> it would probably not be any good by the time it got back out here. >> no, there's a lot of great things around the area. the fair in bluemont fair. they always send us a nice si . shirt. it's going on rain or shine, but rain is not a concern today. if you have a chance to get out there. >> awesome, you have to see el mer the big. >> we'll pass along his
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greetings. outside for us today, cloud cover is on the increase, but they will hold off for a little while. we'll take a check from our city camera, there is breaks of blue, and peaks of sun from time to time, but on the whole, you will find a very usable outdoor weather day, no doubt about it. winds picked up just a little bit now out of the north. dew points have stayed in place and dry air will protect us through rain drops through today and through part of your monday as well. frederick and gathersburg. get down toward st. mary's county. no rain on the radar just yet. and the air mass in place is very, very dry.
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these little rain drops along the border continue to track east bond. these little sprinkles are the ones that would have a chance to get here, but i think most of them will evaporate as they come over the mountains and encounter the dry conditions. so today will be another winner by most standards. high pressure in charge of or weather today as it inches away. a little change of sprinkles and showers. not just for today and tonight, but through much of the day tomorrow, i think it will take a long time for all of that moisture to inch their way up. tuesday is looking like an ugly day. low pressure racing up. it could generate strong to
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perhaps severe thunderstorms around here before pulling out of here midweek. so for today, sunny breaks for now, clouds on the increase. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, more clouds than anything else, and not as chilly as this was this morning. can't rule out a couple sprinkles, but not looking for a big wet mess. rain becoming more and more likely as the day wears on, everyone should have their rain before sunset tomorrow. maybe laboring into the front half of the day by wednesday. we really do need the rain, we're seven inches down. >> seems like we can never catch up. >> last year we were at plus to though. >> maybe it evens out. >> the capitals season opener is less than a month away, but none
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of the teams will hit the ice any time soon. the two sides cannot agree on a collective bar tinning agreement. >> moving to baseball, the nationals are fighting to keep the best record, and they are feisty, especially their manager. carr ral maloney has your sports minute. >> prado hits one that's knocks down by edwin jackson, he throws to first, but prado is called save. the ump says that adam was off the bag. the gnats lose this one five to four. they now dropped two straight.
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and then, facing ucuconn, they v in for a touch down, and a pass for boykins sails long. it is now 2-1 on the season. >> and today, at 4:00, robert griffin iii and the redskins look to go to 2-0 as they visit the rams. >> the redskins could be missing pierre garcon today. he is unlikely to play according to reports. he practiced a little this week. he hurt his foot in the week one win, but not before scoring on an 81-yard touchdown pass. >> the time now is 9:23,. >> and we're learning new
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details about
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we are following some breaking news out of prince george's county. >> i'm angie, and there was a shooting, the women made it to the 9,000 block of central avenue. >> indeed, there are two crime scenes they're working this morning in connection with the
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shootings that happened at about 6:00 a.m. just a short time ago, police t towed away a vehicle. there was bullet holes and broken glass in the rear window. this all started in capital heights in morning. they didn't find anything there, but when they got here they found something related to that incident. joining me now is corporal johnson. >> we found two women. >> do you have suspects or a possible motive? >> yes, we're actively looking for the suspect. >> do you know if the victims perhaps knew the person that
9:29 am
you're looking for? >> yes, we do believe so, we anticipate a quick arrest. >> is there anything you need from the public at this point, people that might have seen the car moving between here and the other location? >> definitely, or if they saw anything to please provide us with that information. so police now working a double shooting. the identities of the victims are not known at this point. we're live in capital heights. >> i see there's a lot of businesses there behind you, are they being affected right now, traffic being closed off in. >> the victims apparently parked the car in front of the i-hop. perhaps because they knew they would be open. they are open, the other businesses are indeed open as well. there was some trouble getting in because it did become part of
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the crime and it, but that has been cleared now. >> derek ward, thank you very much. >> for breaking news over to the weather, we want to check inn o the forecast. >> yes, let's go to check bell now. on the storm four whether deck, a nice chill in the air, but there is just enough sunshine getting through the clouds now. that sunshine will continue here through this morning into the afternoon hours. gradually the clouds will thicken up later on today. don't need to worry about the rain drops. it is 62 degrees in rockville, maryland. 63 in fairfax. 59 in charlotte hall, maryland. so here on storm four radar,
9:31 am
sprinkles out across west virginia. those are aiming in our direction, but the air mass is very, very dry. but the clouds making those rain drops i think will make it over the mountains. they will dim out our sunshine a bit. sunny breaks for now, a middle pleasant day. can't rule out a sprinkle or two today, but most of the heavy rain comes in on tuesday. back to you. >> thanks, chuck. >> al qaeda is praising the violence and sentiment and they're calling for more attacks. people living in tunisia, sudan, and yemen need to be alert. they recommend that nonvie lal
9:32 am
government people leave opinion they sent marines to help secure the violence there, and it all began over a anti-islamic film that went on youtube. >> nour nato shoulders were killed on what appears to be an insider attack. nbc news said the four killed were americans. they were trying to stop an insurgent attack. and prince harry says he's staying in afghanistan no matter what. reports say that he was just o 40 yards from an assault yesterday. they killed two u.s. marines and injured four u.s. soldiers. he's on his second tour of duty. the taliban made it clear it will target harry as long as she
9:33 am
in afghanistan. and a family is trying to remember the father of gogo. >> good morning, four months ago, dc said goodbye to chuck brown, a home grown music legend. thousands showed up to pay respects and wind it up one last time. >> i miss him big time. >> it was may 16th 2012 when word came. it was confirmed that chuck brown had died. >> brown left behind a wife and four children. his son and daughter remember the good times. >> just mishaving him every day, his words of wisdom. he used to laugh all the time.
9:34 am
he used to just smile and laugh. >> that smile is now memorialized on the side of ben's chili. >> it was overwhelming. it was icing on the cake for us. the city has already done so much for us, and for them to recognize it four, five, and six times over, it's overwhelming and helps with the grieving process. >> what do you miss most? >> him calling me. he said no matter how old we were we were always his baby. >> when we were down, he didn't allow it, and now he's not here to remind me and giving me that voice in my ahead to keep
9:35 am
driving and keep pushing. >> hearing his music helped me get through it. >> it helped you? >> it helps me. i'll never be through it, but it was great to see how much people loved it. >> reporter: and he was in pain, but he was still the same. >> when he was awake he let us know he would be all right. >> reporter: the family is working to continue remembering their father. chuck's daughter will be performing. >> not only the legacy of his music, but his children to carry on his legacy. >> it's great, any time you hear
9:36 am
about people meeting chuck brown, they never have any bad to say. >> so many tourist wills see that smile. >> and they'll ask who is that and learn more about him. right now 9:35. ahead, a thief gives new hey scott. kinda late in the year to be feedin' your lawn, isn't it? you wouldn't expect penny there to puggle through winter without being fed? well i'm not a vet but she'd starve probably! and so will your lawn, man! fall is the most crucial feeding of the year. it's the time when roots rebuild and store up nutrients for winter. now's the time to feed it with scotts turf builder winterguard. [ scott ] that's it man! feed your lawn now and she'll be green and lush as the banks of bonny doon come springtime! and a "bonny doon" to you!
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children come into foster care for all kinds of reasons, and this week's child, kendra, was left without a parent when her grandmother died. she is hoping for a family that will september her as a daughter and her baby as a grand child. barr ra harrison reports. >> kendra is a very good mommy to her 16 month old toddler, but as a recently turned
9:40 am
15-year-old, she needs a home herself. kendra's baby was born a year later. right now they live in a home and school for teen momts, she continues to work toward her goals as a hard working student. >> he loves to play basketball, she's doing beautifully in school, we're very impressed with her progress. >> and her daughter is a very bright 15-month-old. they were invited for a shopping spree, and they asked a stylist to help create a mommy and me look. >> we're with leslie today. >> leslie found a number of looks for both kendra and
9:41 am
kamani. she wants to go to college and become a lawyer, she could use the encouragement of a parent or parents. they spend lots of time in the dressing rooms, and both found outfits of them. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> barbara harrison, news 4. >> adorable. if you have room in your heart and home for them, please call 188-to-adopt-me. >> a small town church is causing controversy with a sign that makes a reference to the popular book "fifty shades of grey." they put up this sign that reads "50 shades of grace." they hope it will lead people from the book to the church.
9:42 am
>> what we wanted to do is say this is what the culture thinks about love, romance, and sex, but what does god say about it? >> the pastor says it's time to talk about controversial topics like sex because it all comes back to the church. >> it's raising a lot of conversations which is probably the point. >> there you go. >> a lot of events to round out the weekend, and it looks like they can go on just fine? >> yes, no complainted.
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. california's heat wave turns dangerous for runners over the weekend.
9:46 am
at least ten runners suffered heat exhaustion at a track meet. temperatures were around 100 degrees during the races. all students expected to be okay. >> temperatures here are very pleasant. >> yes, santa ana winds were 101 degrees in san diego. that was a record high, and folks that live out there, it's degree central out there, they're not used to running in that kin of conditions. today we don't need to worry about that. you can still work up a good abide of sweat on your brow with a run, bike ride, jog, or take the kayak out geo rowing today. a bu day to be outside.
9:47 am
64 degrees still at national airport. coming around to the north at seven miles per hour. the winds will come back around late today and tonight. erly morning temperatures on it is 60 degrees in huntingtown. 62 degrees now in springfield, 63 in warrenton, and in bristo. this rain is headed out towards the coastline and virginia beach. these rain drops in central virginia with coming eastbound. so you folks out here might get a quick sprinkle out of that, but east of the mountains, the drier air mass should eat up most if not all of the rain drops.
9:48 am
there will be increasing rain threat has we get into late tomorrow and tuesday. we're waiting on a couple of players, a big blog of moisture down here, that will start to lift north ward and a strong cold front dropping out of the upper midwest that will funnel all of that moisture up aefr the cha up and over the mountains. there is a sprinkle chance on the southern end of the shenandoah valley, light rain, not a lot of problems, maybe a sprinkle or two out west in south western down, but the monday morning community should not be the a big problem. i don't think there will be a lot of rain on your mind, tuesday will be another story as we get into tuesday morning, tuesday afternoon, there is the weather front that should be coming through here tuesday
9:49 am
afternoon and evening. heavy rain and a chance for strong to strong isolated thunderstorms. so for today, sunny breaks for now, but clouds on the increase, and you folks south or west of found, not looking for a big problem. highed today mid-70s. rain becoming more and more likely as the day wears on. most of us will have to weight. the big deal today will be tuesday, that tuesday morning and tuesday afternoon community could be messy. we'll probably have hours lingering. you can always following me on twitter, i will be giving all kinds of forecast updates. kinds of forecast updates. >> it is 9:49, and a sorry
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now sink your teeth into that big n' toasted if you're ready to soar. good. exits are here, here, and here. a big day calls for the big n' toasted breakfast sandwich. grab yours at dunkin' donuts.
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an update on breaking news on prince george's county. two women shot. it happened in the 4600 both of heath street, but they made it to the 9,000 block of central avenue. the shootings appear to be a domestic situation. they have identified a suspect and expect to arrest someone soon. just a short time ago, police took an suv, with visible bullet holes in it away from the strip mall. stay with all day and we'll have et latest. and this morning, nbc is your place for politics, coming
9:54 am
up next is the chris matthews show. good morning, washington. come pg up at 10:00, president obama feared by republicans because he is the first whose national security standings are above his republican opponents. romney had a blunder that made the president look weak before all of the facts were in. how much damage is romney cause himself with this? are there hard questions to ask the obama team as well? will it keep erupting and is there an al-qaeda factor? and obama has a considerable plead just weeks before the election. now for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press". >> thank you, coming up, turmoil
9:55 am
in the middle east, and foreign policy debate in the both shl campaign. four americans are killed in libya, and how will the u.s. respond now? joining me this morning is u.s. ambassador to the united nations, susan rice, and also the prime minister of israel, benjamin n benjamin netanyahu who greats the threat. it's all coming up this morning on "meet the press" and be sure to stay tunes after the program for my press pass conversation with the two men that tried to focus the crisis. is a revival of the dead commission plan possible in the wake of this election season? it's all copping up.
9:56 am
>> david, thanks, a seagull took the term birds eye view to heart. a woman had her go-procamera set up, and the bird stole it, flew for about 20 seconds before realizing the camera was not edible. the camera's owner found it in tact on a sidewalk with this amazing video. >> that's a fun seagull. >> it's worth going on online and youtubing it, because you can see see the person running up to get the camera, and it hits it one more time, and then he just flies off into the sunset. >> he was hoping for an iphone 5. >> today's weather it picture perfect, take a picture of that.
9:57 am
>> yes, if you're outside taking pictures today, tweet them to me, i will try to retweet some of the better ones. if you're going to be bluemont fair, or whatever you're doing today. most of the rain drops will stay away until probably tomorrow, and for some of you maybe all of the way until the end of the day tomorrow. tuesday looking like a mess. if you're going to call in sick this week, tuesday is the day to do it. that's going to wrap it up for this edition of news 4 today,
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